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Cornbury Merritt of Cornwallville, Green County NY and his descendents

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Cornbury Merritt's home at Cornwallville Green county NY.  Purchased April 1, 1837 for $4310.00 from Elhanah and Polly Percival.  Two Parcels of land were purchased, the first of 118 acres was bounded on one side by the Methodist Church and contained this house, and another at 44 acres 1 rod and 20 poles.  Photo taken by Emmett P. Merritt May 10th, 1936.   In 1968 when Emmett last visited,  the house was still standing and in good condition.  The Methodist church had been restored and  moved to The Cooperstown Farmer's Museum.

CornwallvilleChurch.jpg (13604 bytes)The Methodist church (mentioned above) in it's original location, photo taken in 1955 by E.P. Merritt The Church at it's location at CooperstownCornwallvillechurch2.jpg (8095 bytes)

cornbperm.gif (167288 bytes)Cornbury Merritt and his Wife Permilia Her stone reads: Memory of Permelia Merritt Died March 28, 1867 aged 88 years. Permelia was the daughter of Ephriam and Elizabeth JOnes of the town of Franklin, Dutchess Cou

Cornbury Merritt
died Nov 22, 1853 age 73y 3m 23d
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Cornwallville Cemetery, Green County NY.  Photos taken May 10, 1936 by Emmett P. Merritt

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Map overview (large file)

Cornburysurveygif.gif (96324 bytes)Cornbury's land on this map

Photos of a 1856 Green County Survey Map by E.A. Balch.  The survey was made by Samuel Ceil of the towns of South Durham, Cornwallsville and East Durham. These map photos were taken by Emmett P. Merritt who said that the map was given to him by Marshall Merritt in 1960. To see Gilbert and Fanny's land on this map see their page

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Postcards of Cornwallville, Greene County, NY sent home by Emmett P. Merritt to his Father and Brother in June 1923