In Memoriam 

    This page is dedicated to the memory of my Grandfather Emmett P. Merritt without whose work the page would have never come to exist.

Grandpa dedicated countless hours over the years to tracing down long lost ancestors and distant Merritt cousins. When I think of how all of his research was done without the benefit of copy machines or computers - wow!!  I appreciate his accomplishments even more!!! Having retraced some of his work and also engaged in similiar seraches for other branches in my family  I can testify to the fact that the work he did  must have taken incredible patience and discipline.  Because of his careful notations and citing of resources most of his notes can be rechecked or verified by us his future generations.  I still remember him, as no doubt do all my cousins,  sitting quietly at his desk, mysteriously tending to all of his  photos and papers

It has been my great joy and honor to be able to look through and try to organize his papers. His work was not done solely in isolation as he worked together with his cousins Paul Merritt and Thomas Merritt as well as his father James G. Merritt.  However, without a doubt,  his most dedicated and able assistent was his 'everlovin' wife Marjorie "Marnie" Corwin,  my beloved grandmother,  to  whom I also dedicate this page. 

Together these two individuals not only instilled 'family history' values in  me, but also deeper lessons about life and how to live it well. Just thinking about them and feeling close to them through my genealogical  research fills me with an indescrible joy and peace that I cannot adequately communicate. 

I am grateful to  them everyday of my life for all they have given me,  and continue to give me,  through their examples and their lives well lived.

I hope any cousins who have come to this page who knew them will also feel closer to them by seeing the results and products of all of their work and time.

For those who have come to my site, may God Bless you all and keep you safe.

Love Kelly

   Just for fun I give you.......

notebookpg.jpg (43563 bytes) A page from one of E.P. Merritt's notebooks of which there are about 7 EpMerrittnote.jpg (78674 bytes)A handwritten genealogy of the Merritt Ancestors written by E.P. Merritt....there are many 'copies' like this that were written over the years