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The links on the left will take you to my Ancestor Photograph collection. Please be aware that I have a lot more photos yet to be added, so please check back or contact me at if you are interested in a particular person. Eventually I will be compiling a CD-Rom of the entire Photo Album and will be happy to make a copy for anyone interested. Also, if you have any photos to add please please please contact me because I would like to make this album as complete as possible


My Foto Album

My two
favorite peoMom&Dad.jpg (26915 bytes)ple (AKA) Mom & Dad 
at their lakeside cabin in Sullivan County
Xmas.jpg (17603 bytes)Me & Juan Our homehome.jpg (38242 bytes)
younger.gif (55430 bytes)My Graduation & Baby picture


wpe20.jpg (36889 bytes)My Nephew & Niece:  Mikey & Carina Chris&Julie.jpg (10899 bytes)My Brother Chris & Julie

dad&YaYajpg.jpg (48622 bytes)

Dad and my baby