Genealogy Links for General Research

Searchable sites
Ancestry- The Genealogy Research Hometown: Over 100,000,00 names & searchable databases.  LDS site. Many of the databases require a membership but they often have free searches available. 
Family Search: LDS family search site, Great for English records. Well worth checking out
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative: GREAT SITE!
     direct link to : World Connect Project at Rootsweb 
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Check out the internet family finder and look at the 45,000 links in the genealogical site finder
Gendex- WWW Genealogical Index:This server indexes hundreds of World Wide Web databases containing genealogical data for nearly five million individuals
Ancestral Findings: I have not Checked this site out very much, looks to be an Ancestry/LDS site
World Gen Web: The WorldGenWeb Project is divided into 11 world regions. Each region is divided up by countries and each country is divided into individual provinces, states, or counties. Today, more than 50% of all the world countries are hosted. Click on a regional genweb link below and visit your country of interest.
Genuki Homepage:The UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service
Common Threads: Genealogy Surname Database search:
Geneanet: Search site for online trees, many European searchers
Genealogy's Most Wanted: Searchable
The Surname Web
Lineages- Genealogy and Family History Site:Professional genealogy site with some  free genealogy queries
Genserv: Homepage, Family History, GEDCOM databases:Over 350,000 different surnames on-line: subscription required although they offer a one time free surname search
GenSearcher- The All-in-One Genealogy Search Page: Search Engine
Internet Sleuth's Genealogy Search page: Search Engine
Search the Social Security Death Index: This is an Ancestry Site

General Resources and Help Guides

Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet:Over 30,000 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 90 categories
Helm's Genealgoy Toolbox: Includes a comprehensive directory of over 45,000 categorized, cross-indexed, searchable links, similiar to Cyndi's list
The Olive Tree genealogy Homepage: Similiar to above Cyndi's and Helm's, many links for passenger lists
A Barrel of Genealogy Links:
Everton's USA Genealogical Page: Publisher of the "Genealogcial Helper"- offer a subscription to on-line searching & Has a free searchable social security index
Genealogy Resources on the Internet: A list of various Genealogy resources
National Genealogy Society Homepage: not a great site but worth checking out
Genealogy Goldpanners:
Genealogy helplist:
Genealogy Online:
Census Online:
Ken's Homepage:
Genealogy CD List- For Family Treemaker CD's:
Karen's Genealogy Sources:
RAND Genealogy Club:
Tracing your Family Tree - a course:

The following links are Very old one's I copied from the previous version of this page. I have yet to check them out to see if they are still good. I have new one's I will be adding


New York State Genealogy Links

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites- New York:
Genealogical Research at the New York Public Library:
New York Census Documents:
New York Genalogical Sources:
New York City Genealogical Info:
New York State Census Information


Italian Genealogy Links

Italian Genealogy/ Heritage, Culture and databases on the WWW:
Italiani di tutto il mondo Riunitevi:
Italian Cities Locator:
Nostro Albero:
Arduini & Pizzo- An Italian American Genealogy:
Lou Alfano's Italian Genealogy & Culture Homepage:
Radici- The Italian Genealogy Club:
Ricerca in Italiano:
The Italian Genealogy Homepage:
Avellino, Provincia di Avellino, Campania:
Comunita' Montana del Terminio Cervialto:
Infospace Map of Avellino:
Italian Cities locator:
Italian www server map:
Map of Campania:
Provincia di Avellino:
The Foreign Immigrant in NYC: not a genealogy site
Napoli Online:
International Directory : Includes Italy
Cyndi's list of Genealogy sites-Italy:
AAA Avellino:Internet Informazione Irpinia. Settimanale d'informazione: not a genealogy site
Agenda on line Campania. Itinerari Turistici con Irpinia in Treno: not a genealogy site
Are you searching for Italian Relatives?: Site in Italy
Come ricercare i suoi antenati EN Home page: How to research your Italian ancestry
People's Network: Reti Civiche: Lists all Regions
Interactive services to discover in Italy: locate any village (with zip code and area code)
Italian American Links and Much More...:
Italian Genealogical Resources:
Italian Genealogy, Heritage, Culture & Databases on the WWW: PIE
Italian Genealogy? Start Here!:
Italian Ocupations with english Equivalents:
Italo-Albanian Heritage Pages:
Multisoft Italian Search Engine:
Online Catasto of 1427:
Ragno Italiano- Motore di ricerca multifunzione:
Search in Italy:
WWW Virtual Library: The Italian General Subject Tree:
The Giogio Alessandri's: (an Italian's story of genealogical research in Italy)

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