Brophy Photographs

Harry&son.jpg (16961 bytes)

Harry & William Ralph Brophy


harryandbertha.jpg (15604 bytes)

Harry and Bertha

(cropped from photos on left and right)


berthaannie.jpg (16121 bytes)

Bertha & Annie McKinney


Retirement.jpg (16539 bytes)Harry Brophy &William Ralph at the Ralph's retirement party 1965 WR&RH.jpg (14226 bytes)William Ralph Brophy & Son Ralph Harry Brophy


Harry&AlanJr.jpg (30909 bytes)Harry & Alan Curtis Jr.  

(Evelyn Curtis said it may be William R. Brophy but I think he looks too young)AlanDCurtis.jpg (26134 bytes)

DBrophyWedding.jpg (40201 bytes)Dolly Brophy Wedding Photo unknown&Dolly.jpg (39572 bytes)Unknown & Dolly (Ethelyn) Brophy?


AnnieJennings.jpg (15202 bytes)Annie E. Jennings (2nd from Left) and Unknown BroadwBroadway.jpg (59403 bytes)ay Newburgh

People Unknown



McKinneys.jpg (36175 bytes)

Frank McKinney and Wife Annie E. Jennings


St Georges Cemetery, Newburgh NY

Berthastone.jpg (32016 bytes)Bertha McKinney


Ejenningsstone.jpg (37066 bytes)Ezekiel Jennings

& Anne Owen

Vails Gate ME Church Cemetery

Ruth wife of G.W. McKinneyRuthMcK.jpg (13817 bytes)

George W. McKinneyGWMcKinney.jpg (18778 bytes)

Mary Miller wife of GW. McKinney..this stone can no longer be read in person as well as in this photo.

MaryMck.jpg (32022 bytes)

George McKinney's stone is the 3rd from Lft on top row and Susan is the one in bottomLft corner......unfortunately were barely legible at the time of my visit

McKinneygrv.jpg (30584 bytes)  

SusanJMck.jpg (28296 bytes)Susan Jones Wife of George McKinney