I have a bunch of Russo& Maietta photos,  however I will not be placing them all here because the number of individuals interested in them is limited. If you are interested in a particular individual in my tree please write me at

boxcar.jpg (159070 bytes)The Russo Clan at the infamous abandoned box car in Maybrook. It is family legend that they lived in the Box car during their first years in Orange County,  and that Rose Maietta Poppo gave birth to her son Martin there in abt 1904.   The only individuals I can I identify are the ones standing around the table. They are: L-R Frank DiFazio, Man unknown,  Nicholas Russo, Theresa Russo (my Grandmother) Michael Russo, Woman unknown though thought to be Maggie Russo, and Marie Theresa Maietta holding baby. I believe that the man in the background standing behind the man unknown that I mentioned above may actually be  Angelo Russo and that this picture was taken shortly before he died. See my Russo family page to understand who all these people are. Felicia&MTheresa.jpg (43137 bytes)On Right is Marie Theresa Maietta, and the woman on the left is most likely her sister Felicia Maietta